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Thursday, 31 July 2008

Fiji - Waya Island

24th – 31st July

After an overnight flight, we arrived into Nadi at 4.30am, and took a boat at 8am to the Yasawa islands. We were staying on Waya Island at the Bayside resort. It was one of the larger islands, but a very small resort, with only two beach huts and a deserted beach – just what we needed after the previous 4 months of chaotic travelling! With no electricity and a very basic hut we felt like Robinson Crusoe or Tom Hanks on Castaway!

With an amazing coral reef on our doorstep, and the beach practically to ourselves, we spent the week lazing around. Our snorkels were well used, although the water wasn’t as warm as Sam would have liked! We still were able to see some amazing fish and corals

Fed and watered 3 times a day with some great food, several couples stayed in the other beach hut over the course of the week. Trevor and Karen from Australia were there the majority of the time and we had many a good night drinking into the late hours…. well, as late as you can in Waya, which was around 9.30pm!

On one evening we headed over to the nearby village to see the locals do a short performance for us. They had already done the show once that evening for a passing small cruise ship, and by the time we were there most of them seemed to be having giggle fits.

We returned to the Fijian mainland after 6 days and spent the night in Nadi, which included a visit to Nando’s. We headed to the airport to head east again to ‘God’s Country’ and some time back in civilisation!

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