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Tuesday, 2 September 2008


30th August – 2nd September

You may think that Melbourne is just another Australian city, but we found it a world away from Sydney.

Simone, who used to live in the flat below Ady kindly offered us a place to stay while we were in Melbourne, and showed us what the city had to offer.

With only 3 nights, we set about exploring the city by day and night. There’s no denying that Sydney is a beautiful place, but we both found that there was one big thing missing as far as we were concerned – decent bars and nightlife (The Annandale excepted!) Within the first 48 hours we’d discovered how different Melbourne is in this respect.

Like a small version of London, we felt instantly at home and hope to be able to spend more time there the next time we are in Australia.

A big thanks again to Simone and Jason for putting us up and entertaining us while we were there!

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