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Sunday, 28 December 2008


25th - 28th December

As we travelled by bus into the Central Highlands, we knew we’d definitely made the right choice in cancelling our bike tour. Promises that the rain would lift as we left the coast failed to materialise. A gloomy journey lay ahead and it was only as we got into Dalat that the rain finally stopped. Escaping the ‘special’ hotel that the bus company took us to, we eventually found a hotel that met our high standards! The Peace hotel is one of the main backpacker haunts of Dalat, and offered all we could want, including food that actually had some flavour!

Tandem bicycles were on offer but when we attempted to ride one, we found that they were so poorly maintained that there was no way they would cover the distance we wanted to go. After half an hour, we gave up and wandered round town picking up some bargain bananas, (8 pence for a big bunch!) and having some local food for lunch. We wanted to spend the day looking into a route to ride around the highlands, but as the weather wasn’t improving we questioned whether it was feasible to tour the highlands at all. We decided to wait one more day to see if the weather would lift.

Unfortunately there was no improvement in the weather the following day, just continuous drizzle and our central highlands adventure was not to be. We spent the day sightseeing locally on a Honda Wave. The Crazy House, pictured to the left, was one of the highlights for Sam!

Unable to take any more rain, we booked a bus ticket to Saigon the next morning, keen to find some dry weather for New Years Eve.

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